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Our Team

We continue to rely on the managers and employees of our subsidiaries to run their businesses well.

Managers who are excited at the prospect of creating an exceptional company and who are willing to embrace new ideas tend to flourish at FOG.
Our Team

Portfolio Managers

Sandy Scott
Portfolio Manager - Retail, Textile and Automotive
Magnus Sandberg
Portfolio Manager - Smart Manufacturing
Andy Hodge
Portfolio Manager - Logistics & Supply Chain
Peter Dixen
Portfolio Manager - Construction & Trades
Tom Chan
Portfolio Manager - STEM
Our Team

Investment Team

Eric Herrmann
Senior Vice President, M&A and Integrations
Suthen Siva
Vice President, Corporate Development
Cameron Fortier
Director, M&A
Martin Tzakov
Director, M&A
Jordan Zakkai
Director, M&A
Dylan Toyne
Manager, Corporate Development
Daniel Fox
Manager, Corporate Development
Julian Haag
Manager, Corporate Development
Paul Brar
Manager, Corporate Development
Nicole Praysner
Associate, Corporate Development
Michelle Truong
Associate, M&A