Transportation & Logistics

Distributors and logistics service providers face the challenge of being "trapped" between suppliers and customers. There are always the conflicting goals of keeping the suppliers lean and, at the same time, keeping customers satisfied. 

  • For wholesale and retail distributors, Markinson provides enterprise-class management systems that can manage all aspects of the distribution business, including order management, fulfillment, inventory control, planning,  procurement, and accounting. Viewlocity offers sophisticated supply chain visibility products to help manage the entire retail and wholesale supply chain from producer to consumer, providing "one version of the truth" to all parties.
  • For logistics service providers, Logimax offers a full-featured warehouse management system (WMS) to support value-added service offerings to customers, such as warehousing and forwarding. For high-volume outbound transportation management, the Varsity product suite includes tightly integrated software solutions that work directly with all major parcel shippers and common carriers to automate rate, schedule, and tracking activities.
  • For 3PLs. ABECAS Insight from Argos Software is the right solution for 3PLs in the Distribution, Temperature Controlled, Hazardous Materials or Value Added Service Provider space.
  • For raw material and finished goods distribution to the manufacturing line, retail, distributors, and other trading partners, Cadre Software adds new levels of operational infrastructure that provide better visibility, enhanced workflow and increased throughput with fewer labor resources.

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