Third-party Logistics (3PL)

Providers specializing in integrated operations of warehousing and transportation services have to respond to customers’ needs, demands and delivery service requirements in the face of increasing challenges.

In recent years, the 3PL industry has seen an increase in outsourced distribution, requiring robust, integrated solutions to address the unique needs of logistics service providers and their most demanding clients.  The Fog Software Group portfolio of products enables companies to better manage logistics for multiple clients with varying demands while consistently offering their customers new and innovative ways to improve effectiveness in their operation.

For operators of public warehouses, Logimax products provide third-party billing and support for multiple clients within a single distribution center and helps reduce labor costs and increase the productivity of the warehouse workforce. Cadre’s Cadence WMS manages a wide range of operations across virtually every vertical market product segment. This includes specific tracking and control of products such as for temperature control (frozen and cold storage); security for high-value products; serial numbers, lots date code and other tracking; inventory rotation (FIFO, LIFO, etc.); and many more product attributes. For pallet-in/pallet-out handling and 3PL hazmat services, there is Accuplus from Cadre.

For high-volume parcel or common-carrier shippers, Varsity Logistics offers streamlined, easy-to-integrate solutions that work directly with parcel and LTL carriers to expedite shipping activities. A Freight Management System (FMS) from Argos Software is focused on “for hire” carriers, contract carriers and freight brokers.

Enhance visibility throughout your entire supply chain and synchronize with trading partners including management of shipments, inventory in the yard, and in-transit status. Viewlocity software provides a complete cross-platform solution that provides a "single version of the truth" to every participant in your 3PL world, including your consigners, consignees, and supporting transport providers, all in real time. Similar capabilities are available using LogiView from Cadre.