Specialty Retail

Specialty retailers focus on a particular range of merchandise, and differentiate themselves by having significant stock in their chosen range, coupled with extensive product knowledge and high-levels of customer service.

Chain or franchised specialty retailers maintain a competitive edge not only through knowledge and service, but also through centralized buying, warehousing, and logistics expertise. The Fog Software Group has software that can support the specialty retailer in the following areas:

  • For product design, NedGraphics is the world's leading software for textile design and production. It's special tools for colorizing, mapping and simulating knits and weaves enable companies to save significant time and money. 
  • For retail distribution and point-of-sale, CORESense provides a unique "hosted" retail distribution and point-of-sale solution for multi-channel merchants of all sizes.
  • For specialty catalog mail-order and e-commerce operations, CSI provides an integrated retail fulfillment, e-commerce, and catalog management platform. 
  • For 4PL fulfillment services, including small picks and omnichannel, Cadre has a leading software solution in Cadence.
  • For high-volume parcel shippers, Varsity Logistics has carrier-integrated solutions that lower shipping costs while expediting the planning, packaging, and delivery of orders.