Service Parts Distribution

Service parts distribution and fulfillment is critical to any industry whose products are field-serviceable, and requires excellent material planning, inventory control, warehousing, and shipping capability.

The Fog Software Group portfolio includes a variety of software products that support the critical aspects of service parts distribution and fulfillment:

  • To integrate and expedite parts shipping, the Varsity Logistics product suite provides a shipping management solution that is certified for all major parcel and LTL shippers;
  • To gain visibility across the entire service parts supply chain, from supplier to end consumer, Viewlocity offers unsurpassed supply chain planning, collaboration and visibility products;
  • To reduce inventories and improve efficiency, Cadre's LogiView enables users to successfully aggregate, monitor and analyze shipments and inventory from the cloud across a broad spectrum of business units, suppliers, and enterprises.
  • Self-service and e-commerce capabilities for service parts can be accommodated by Computer Solutions Inc (CSI);
  • For multi-facility warehouse management in complex service part supply chains, Logimax offers sophisticated warehouse management systems.