Promotional and Advertising Materials

Promotional and advertising materials include a wide variety of products carrying some form of "to-order customization," ranging from small items such as pens, stationery and coffee mugs to larger items such as apparel, sporting goods, and building signage.

All of these products typically undergo a final stage of operations such as painting, screen printing, embroidery or other customizations to meet specific and unique consumer requirements.

  • For manufacturers of customized products, Frontier software by Friedman Corporation provides full-featured product configuration capabilities that extend from sales order entry all the way through the manufacturing process and the inbound supply chain;
  • For manufacturers and other online sellers, Volo Commerce provides a platform, services, and analytics to make selling online as easy as buying online -- across suppliers, channels, and borders.¬†
  • For online distributors,¬†fulfillers and catalog merchants,¬†CSI provides a flexible platform for distributing these products through multiple channels. For high-volume parcel shippers, Varsity Logistics has carrier-integrated solutions that lower shipping costs while expediting the planning, packaging, and delivery of orders.
  • For warehouse management, both Cadre's Cadence WMS and Logimax's WMS track items through the warehouse or DC from receiving to shipping.