Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a highly-regulated sector that demands secure yet efficient supply chain operations. Complex supply chains include manufacturers of medicines and medical devices, compounding pharmacies,  healthcare product distributors, buying groups, large chain retailers, institutional customers, and mail-order operations.

Given the complexity of these supply chains, the number of participants, the high value of the goods, and the regulatory environment, supply chain design, monitoring, execution, and visibility are key factors to success. The Fog Software Group includes the following product offerings which can assist in improving supply chain performance:

  • For supply chain optimization, visibility, and controlViewlocity provides a comprehensive suite of software products that can span the entire supply chain, including suppliers, logistics service providers, and customer distribution networks. Viewlocity products support key requirements of the healthcare and pharmaceutical segment such as full track-and-trace and real-time shipment visibility.
  • For time-critical shipment processing, Varsity Logistics provides shipping solutions that are deeply integrated with all major parcel and express carriers. These solutions not only reduce the time to prepare and execute shipments, but can also reduce direct carrier expenses: Preferential rate programs are typically offered to customers who can prepare and transmit compliant shipping information to carrier systems.
  • For visibility throughout the warehouse, Cadre's Cadence warehouse management system (WMS) and Logimax's WMS can confirm products are received and verify serial numbers, pick-and-pack against a pick list, and print special labels for verification purposes, support returns for serialized products, track expiration dates and make sure the oldest products are shipped first (FIFO).