The electronics industry is faster and more fluid than almost any other. It incorporates a vast range of specialized industries, such as IT equipment, telecommunications and mobile phones, industrial controls, aerospace and defense, and a wide variety of consumer goods such as televisions and entertainment devices.

The Fog Software Group portfolio is focused primarily on the distribution and logistics aspects of this industry sector. In particular, the following product offerings support the dynamic nature of the electronics industry:

  • For distributors and retailers of electronic equipment and products, CORESense offers a unique "hosted" retail distribution and point-of-sale solution for multi-channel merchants; 
  • For high-volume parcel shippers in the electronics sector, Varsity Logistics has carrier-integrated solutions that expedite the planning, packaging, and delivery of time-sensitive and high-value products;
  • For supply chain collaboration and visibility in complicated manufacturing and distribution networks, Viewlocity provides supply chain management, planning, and visibility tools that can adapt to almost any existing enterprise software configuration; Cadre's LogiView enables shippers to successfully aggregate, monitor and analyze shipments and inventory from the cloud across a broad spectrum of business units, suppliers, and enterprises. 
  • For warehouse management, Logimax and Cadre Technologies' WMS solutions track products from receiving through shipping. For online sellers, these systems can also be integrated with shopping carts.