From wholesale nurseries to processors, farm managers and shippers, Argos Software understands the unique needs of this market. Fully integrated with accounting and production management modules, our Wholesale Nursery Software will manage the process from seed to store shelf.

Nurseries and Greenhouses need support for growing operations and wholesale nursery management, including sales, inventory management, purchasing, EDI, and consignment.

Floriculture Management operations requires integrated nursery software from production & purchasing to sales, including inventory costing, revenue tracking, scanning, delivery management, royalties, EDI.

Farm Management requires activity based costing by owner, location, field, crop, and production method -- with powerful analytical reporting, revenue tracking & overhead allocation. Track equipment and assets too.

Agribusiness Logistics. Flexible receiving, processing, packing & shipping product on your account or for others. Full lot tracking and inventory control. Pay based on receipts or sales.

Production Management. Production Management integrates with sales & inventory and includes production planning, management of production activities, inputs, locations, projected output.

ABECAS Insight from Argos Software is the software to address the needs of modern agribusiness.